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A small family of beetles with a long, parallel-sided body shape with long legs and long filliform (threadlike) antennae, One species Oedemeria is almost only exclusively found when attracted to light. Larvae develop in rotting wood and adults of some species can be found on flowers in summer.

To my knowledge, 2 species are attracted to light.


Oedemera femoralis


This species is rarely found by other means aside from light trapping (although can reportedly be found on ivy blossom, it is instantly recognisable and looks like nothing else on the British list


ID Features


Head projected ahead of eyes 

Extremely long filliform antennae

Long parallel sided elytra (wingcases)

Mid brown with darker brown markings on legs, head and pronotum

April- September


Oedemera nobilis

A very common metallic beetle found throughout spring and summer, by sweeping or observing on flower heads, and has occasionally been found in MV light traps.

Females look very similar to the closely related Oedemera lurida, which is a duller sage green and is generally smaller.

There is a key for all British Oedemeria species Here

ID Features

8-10 mm

Metallic green/blue/bronze colouration

Expanded hind leds in male 

Elytra (wingcases) taper to apex

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