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So I figured I would start to collate a list of resources so its all in one place, this is a fluid list and I will add to it as deemed fit!

General Beetley Goodness:

Moths and Man: A great list of ID tips harvested from the Facebook beetle page!

British and Irish Beetles Facebook Page Post things, and learn stuff, a great community of serious amateurs

Watford Coleoptera Group An incredible resource, the page is in an archival state currently, after the death of its owner, and dispite being difficult to navigate it is an asset to the UK beetle community

UK Beetles A heavy read, but some great info

Kerbtier Great for picture matching : List of recording schemes and data


Mike Hackson's Coleoptera Keys Free keys translated from foreign texts, SO MANY PICTURES THIS IS INCREDIBLE. Great for most of the UK fauna. Some are really useful, others you need to be aware of name changes and reclassificaion


Mark Telfer Carabid recording scheme organiser, some cheeky tips and awesome tales

John walters Some Amazing Photo guides, a must for the beginner


Dump Aphodus Key A cheeky key to those tricky dung beetles


Melanotus adeagal Link to a foriegn paper listng melanotus ID resources


Silphid recording scheme Key A great ID resource and is my go to key for these awesome beetles


Mark Gurneys Weevil Guides The greatest thing to happen to weevils since the evolution of the rostrum

Recording schemes:


Brocks Field Guide Best Insect Field guide out there, obviously doesn't have everything but its as good as it can be!

Field Studies Council Loads of great books and fold out charts there's something for everyone

Watkins & Doncaster Pricey but high quality field equipment

ALS Another highly recommended insect equipment supplier

Paradox I get my beetle cards from here, the postage and ordering process is a little haphazard, but the quality and price is exceptional!

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