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Cryptocephalus pusillus forms

Originally posted: Jan 30th 2020

Social media has revolutionised biological recording, withings a day, a simple question can be fielded by all kinds of people across the globe with varying expertise. I think it would be safe to say that personally I would of given up on recording a long time ago without the informed support that social media gives.

Sure it has its flaws, but one of my favourite things about it is the drip feeding of information over time.

I mean I didn't even know C.pusillis even had variations!

This species is one I will usually come across in any half decent grassland habitat across Hertfordshire, however it looks very different to this 'black elytra' form

Picture by David Gould via naturespot

And the Mr Telfer himself dropped this diagram with a decent list of noted variations

from Warchalowski:

I feel this is an excellent resource, and knowing this now may help save a headache or two later on.

So there it is: The power of social media

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